Kristina Oppenheim

Kristina Oppenheim, RN

Chief Nursing Officer

As the Chief Nursing Officer, Kristina Oppenheim, RN is responsible for the clinical functioning of our medical staff, the standardization of medical services, the improvement of patient outcomes and the protection of patient safety. But, her actions extend well beyond her job description, and into the hearts of patients and employees across the organization. Ultimately, Kristina is a champion for excellence in health care and the embodiment of our mission to treat substance use and co-occurring disorders with kindness, grace and compassion.

As the head and heart of our nursing staff, her compassionate, dedicated leadership is her trademark and her patient advocacy represents her broader legacy at Stairway Resource Center.
Active in her own personal recovery, Kristina is passionate about working with addicts. Kristina joined SRC in 2021 and has been and she has been dedicated to providing hope and healing for all.