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Stairway Recovery Homes are 12-Step based sober living facilities that are affordable, gender specific and structured in a way to benefit each individual client. We allow them to make the most of their new lives in recovery. Our program puts a lot of emphasis on things like, setting a solid recovery foundation in which to thrive, acquiring gainful employment and achieving higher education. We work hard to get our clients active in their chosen 12-Step communities. Things need to be earned and not automatically given.

  • Praying - Stairway Recovery Sober Living

    Praying to God and the Monster

    A little boy hits his knees every night praying for his mom an dad not to fight ,so he won’t have to cry himself to sleep. Praying for God to just make the monsters go away. Constantly living in fear that one day they will turn their anger towards him. He spends his days living […]

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    Recovery – A Fight Worth Fighting

    Are you struggling with your recovery, to get clean and sober? Or maybe you have tried to get clean in the past but fell victim to the Demon of relapse and lost hope. Thinking about trying again? Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you as sick of this disease as I am? […]

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    What do I have to do? There is a Solution – Chris Freeman

    From the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, There is a Solution – page 20. “You may already have asked yourself why it is all of us became so very ill from drinking. Doubtless, you are curious to discover how and why, in the face of expert opinion to the contrary, we have recovered from a hopeless condition […]

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    Warriors on Purpose – True Change – Go All In!

    My name is Kip Shubert and I an the founder of Warriors on Purpose. I am a 48 yr old father of four beautiful children. I have been an educator, coach, and motivational speaker for over two decades. A decorated middle school teacher, Oklahoma All-State Coach, and an award winning collegiate athlete. I am also […]

  • Addiction - The Point of No Return

    Addiction – To the Point of No Return

    When I was just a young kid, 11 years old, I did something that would have an effect on my entire future. I took my first drink as well as my first puff of reefer. Now mind you, it seemed innocent enough and did not cause any immediate turmoil or strife, or so I thought. […]



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We’ve always described the recovery process as a journey. Beating an addiction is something that needs to be taken in steps, a point clearly illustrated by the philosophy and iconography of Stairway Recovery Homes. This unique facility conveys a very powerful message of love and support, offering a 12-Step experience that can fit most budgetary needs.

We Believe in a Family Style Sober Living Setting

Comfortable bedrooms

About Stairway Recovery

We emphasize the importance of treating our residents with dignity and respect, while helping them to reenter society as a happy, productive and successful person in recovery. Our primary mission is to ensure our sober living homes are a safe, secure stable, drug and alcohol free environment, offering men and women the very best in a their transition into a new lifestyle.