Meet the Recovery Team!

When you’ve been struggling with addiction, it is vital that you receive the proper care.

The staff at Stairway Recovery Center is dedicated to providing individualized treatment and know that everyone has a different story with different needs. Some patients need medication management, others require intensive therapy, while still others require outpatient services. Whatever you need, our team is here to help you find your way.

Meet Our Founders and Directors

  • Michael Lynch
    Michael Lynch
    Co-Founder and C.O.O., Program Director
  • Travis Grant
    Travis Grant
    Co-Founder and C.C.O.
  • Kenneth Gailey, LMFT, CATC-IV
    Kenneth Gailey, LMFT, CATC-IV
    Clinical Director
  • Jessi Brown
    Jessi Brown
    Admissions Director
  • Kristina Oppenheim, RN
    Kristina Oppenheim, RN
    Chief Nursing Officer
  • Tyson Sullivan
    Tyson Sullivan
    Director of Business Development

Meet Our Doctors and Psychiatrists

  • Michael D. Stone, MD
    Michael D. Stone, MD
    Medical Director
  • Kristen Nelson, MD
    Kristen Nelson, MD
    Adult Psychiatrist

Meet Our Therapists

  • Dave Campbell, AMFT
    Dave Campbell, AMFT
  • Tamara Catalano, AMFT, MA, M. Ed.
    Tamara Catalano, AMFT, MA, M. Ed.
  • Shirin Fouladi Ruf, LMFT
    Shirin Fouladi Ruf, LMFT
  • Max Bird-Ridnell, AMFT
    Max Bird-Ridnell, AMFT
  • Rosa Blasi, LMFT
    Rosa Blasi, LMFT
  • Cristina Bonilla, ACSW
    Cristina Bonilla, ACSW

Meet Our Case Managers

  • Bruno Burghard
    Bruno Burghard
    Relapse Prevention Specialist
  • Jon Reece
    Jon Reece
    Psychiatric Technician
  • Raymond Sipos
    Raymond Sipos
    TMS Technician
  • Colin Keene
    Colin Keene
    Brain Paint Technician