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Medincrease Insurance for Drug & Alcohol Rehab

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Medincrease is one of the largest health plan providers in the United States. It also has a network of over 230,000 health care providers, which all qualify for the highest deductibles and the lowest out of pocket costs for Medincrease holders. That combination of wide coverage and large network of providers makes the health plan ideal in most cases. However, if you’re struggling with drug or alcohol use, you’re probably wondering how they cover drug and alcohol rehab.

Medincrease offers coverage for most forms of drug and alcohol rehab. However, the actual rates you get will typically depend on your employer and their contract. As you can’t purchase a private Medincrease plan, you’ll need to have it through your employer or another organization. This means you’ll have to check their negotiated rates to see what your coverage is.

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Does Medincrease Insurance Cover Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

Yes. Medincrease offers coverage for a full spectrum of drug and alcohol treatment options including inpatient rehab. This means that you can get coverage for nearly any drug and alcohol rehab program with medincrease. However, your plan will have limitations and will typically require that your provider be in network. You’ll also typically need a referral to get coverage. However, all insurance providers will cover at least some of your rehab costs. That’s required by law under the Affordable Care Act. This means that no matter what specific plan you have with your employer, you’ll still get at least some coverage.

What Kinds of Treatment Does Medincrease Cover?

Medincrease negotiates individual rates with the companies it contracts health insurance to. This means that your plan will vary depending on where you work.

However, you should always get coverage for:

Inpatient Care

Medincrease should cover any inpatient rehab center in its network. Coverage is typically paired with coinsurance of up to 70%. This means you’ll get less coverage than you would with an outpatient program.

Outpatient Care

Medincrease offers hundreds of outpatient addiction treatment providers in its network. In most cases, you’ll also have to pay coinsurance. However, rates vary and can be as low as 10%.

Out of Network Treatment

Medincrease offers coverage for out of network providers. However, you’ll pay extra and will have a higher coinsurance.


Medincrease will cover medication assisted treatment programs.

Emergency Care

You can get coverage for any emergency service without a surprise bill.

Medincrease may also offer coverage for other kinds of treatment, providing you can offer proof of doctor’s referral. In this case, your goal should be to ensure that you get the referral before treatment, so you know you have coverage.

What are Your Substance Use Treatment Deductibles with Medincrease?

Medincrease is a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization). This means that it prefers to work with its own network. Here, you get negotiated lower rates. You also get a lower coinsurance. However, PPOs like Medincrease also allow you to go to out of network providers. This means you can opt to go almost anywhere you want. However, you will generally want to confirm your rates before going. For example, you may get 10% or less total coverage with an out of network inpatient rehab clinic.

Will My Employer Know I’ve Gone to Rehab?

All medical payments are processed between your medical provider and the insurance provider. Your employer will never see these confidential records. In addition, you are not obligated to tell your employer (or HR) why you need the information, and they are not legally allowed to ask you. They also cannot ask what you are getting treatment for. If they do ask, they are breaking the law and broaching your privacy.

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How to Start Drug & Addiction Treatment with Medincrease Insurance

The first step to getting addiction treatment with Medincrease is to check your plan. Once you figure out your coverage and options, you can pick a rehab center. From there, you’ll want to verify that they are in network and that they accept Medincrease. Afterwards, you can request a referral and preauthorization from your doctor or do so by contacting Medincrease directly.

In each case, Medincrease should follow up within 24-48 hours with pre-approval, so you can go ahead and attend rehab. Keep in mind that you’ll still need your insurance data and identification when you check in at rehab to get coverage.

Not all Medincrease plans will require preauthorization. In addition, you may not need preauthorization for outpatient services. Instead, it really depends on your plan. Therefore, you’ll want to check the stipulations in your employer provided health plan and take steps based on that. However, it’s generally a good idea to get a referral from your doctor, even if it’s not necessary to get coverage, as it can save you a lot of hassle later.

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Getting Help

Medincrease serves over 15 million people with health insurance and health plans. This means that a significant number of people use the plan to get drug and alcohol treatment. If you’re part of that group, feel free to contact the insurance provider, to ask questions, and get a clear idea of what is covered and what isn’t under your plan. In most cases, this data will also be available under your health or HR portal at work – but it might not be. Check and see what’s available to you.

Once you know what your Medincrease plan is, you can generally very easily use it to get any rehab treatment you want. However, you’ll want to pay attention to network requirements, preauthorization, and doctor’s referral requirements –as many plans require these to cover your treatment. Good luck with rehab.

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