Dr Latesha Reed Nurse Practioner

Latesha Reed, PhD

Nurse Practioner

Dr. LaTesha Reed is a board certified Nurse Practitioner (family and psychiatric-mental health) and completed her Doctorate in Nursing Practice. This is an accomplishment she takes great pride in, knowing her patients will reap the rewards of this higher learning. Additionally, she holds two master’s degrees and a post masters certification.

Dr. Reed’s journey in the world of healthcare has been a thrilling and enlightening adventure, one that has unfolded over the years as she had the privilege of working with diverse patient populations and nurturing the minds of nurse practitioner students. Through it all, her unwavering belief in the paramount importance of physical and mental health has been the guiding light illuminating her path.

Recognizing the importance of passing on the torch of compassionate care, she took on the role of an educator. Teaching nurse practitioner students has been a rewarding experience, allowing her to instill in them the values of empathy, cultural sensitivity, and a commitment to both physical and mental health. Together, they’ve explored the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, with an emphasis on holistic patient care.

Throughout her journey, the importance of physical and mental health has remained at the forefront of her practice. Dr. Reed has seen firsthand how these two aspects of well-being are inextricably linked and how neglecting one can impact the other. Her dedication to fostering a holistic approach to healthcare has led to improved patient outcomes and a stronger emphasis on preventive care and mental health support.